How To Increase Seminal Fluid

Men usually wish they could produce more seminal fluid for several reasons. If there is more semen than your sperm count is increased which is a good chance for you to become a daddy. Larger volume of semen also means greater pleasure in sex both for you and your partner because more seminal fluid boosts your sex drive and gives solid erections. When you ejaculate it also means stronger contractions and mind blowing orgasms. Doctors state that a man ejaculates about one milliliter of semen and if the levels are low then there might be some underlying physical condition that limits the production of semen. This amount may cause a man to worry about his fertility and sexual ability. If this is the case with you then you should try to increase your seminal fluid by some of the natural products or you can use dietary supplements. These products should be made of high quality ingredients and doctor-approved. Here are some tips and ideas for men who want to increase their seminal fluid for more pleasure during the sexual climax or for having a baby:

>Eat meat – there are nutrients in meat that are essential for semen production. Red meat, poultry and fish contain amino acids responsible for high levels of testosterone in men. Zinc is also important for increasing seminal fluid and can be found in oysters, lamb and turkey. Oily fish that contains Omega 3 can be beneficial as well.

>Eat nuts and grains – these contain high levels of  zinc, amino acids and selenium. Add oatmeal, barley and wheat to your diet for enough zinc and your semen volume will increase.

>Eat leafy vegetables and lots of fruit – asparagus, seaweed, spinach, broccoli are only some of the vegetables recommended for you. These all contain important amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Fruits such as watermelon or pink grapefruit and citrus fruits provide folic acid, vitamin C and lycopine. Lycopine increases the semen volume.

>Drink plenty of water and do not smoke- water increases seminal fluid so you should make sure you are never dehydrated especially after workout in the gym or hours before sex. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Smoking decreases the seminal fluid and is harmful especially if you want to have babies.

>Take some safe herbal supplement to get the nutrients needed in case your diet is not healthy enough for producing more fluid. If you combine healthy diet with a high quality supplement and quit bad habits you can expect your semen volume to increase and your overall sexual performance to improve.

King Cum is the leading website when it comes to tips on how to increase your seminal fluids, so click here for more info on how to achieve this.

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Cure Premature Ejaculation with Ejaculation by Command

A lot of men are thinking if it is really possible to cure premature ejaculation. Some already gave up in the fact that they could do something about it and just wait until the problem goes away on its own. However, an ejaculation problem will not simply be gone without doing anything. You actually don’t need creams and pills to deal with this problem. It is true that these drugs could do something but its effect is only temporary. The long-term and natural solution to the problem is presented in the Ejaculation by Command. This product is created by Lloyd Lester who is an expert in this field.

Simply put, this product is a guide for men who wanted to seriously stop ejaculating quickly during sex. It will present to you various methods on how you are going to last longer in bed. All you have to do is regularly practice these methods and surely it would work for you. Since it comes with a warranty, there is nothing wrong with giving it a try. Everything in the product is natural so it will not lead you to different kind of side effects.

A lot of men who suffer from PE problem would surely find this product easy to use since it provides a step by step guide on the methods and techniques that could help them stop premature ejaculation. It will not only help men to be physically prepared but mentally as well. It is certainly not enough to train yourself in how to last longer in bed like what other products do. Training your mind is also as important. Everything that runs in your mind could affect your performance in bed. For example, when you are too anxious before sex or too excited, there is high chance that you will ejaculate quickly.

In general, the Ejaculation by Command offers a premature ejaculation treatment that anyone could try since it is natural and safe to practice. Just make sure that you are also committed in dealing with the problem for good to enjoy the many benefits of the product.

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Ejaculation Guru – Stopping Ejaculation Issues Fast

Do you have ejaculation issues? If your answer is yes, then you need to try Ejaculation Guru. It is different from other product you could find in the market today that promises to help men eliminate premature ejaculation in their life. In this product, you will not be required to use pills and creams. It is actually a guide for men to naturally last longer in bed and forever eliminate premature ejaculation in their life. The product will present different techniques and methods that you could regularly practice to stop ejaculating quickly. I warn you, this is not a short-cut for treating the problem. Since it aims to deal with PE problem in a long-term basis, expect that you also need to invest time, effort and determination for everything to work perfectly.

The author of the book, Jack Grave, made sure that everything in the product is easy to understand and well presented. It means that anyone could easily understand the methods presented and apply it immediately. The product will not leave readers always guessing on what to do since the methods come with a step-by-step guide.

The solution to premature ejaculation presented in the product concentrates not only on the physical aspect of the problem but also in its psychological nature. This is one of the reasons why the product is considered to be a holistic approach to dealing with PE problem. Your thoughts during sex are one of the reasons why you ejaculate quickly. It is true that you need to concentrate on your partner, but ensure that as you do this, still maintain a good level of calmness. The moment your feeling becomes intense and you breathe fast, you will soon be ejaculating and it would be hard for you to control it.

The Ejaculation Guru will not simply hand you over the methods to stop the problem. Above all, it will give you a thorough understanding about it. When this is done, you could now deal with ejaculation issues better.

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Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation Fast with Ejaculation Trainer

If you are looking for a great product for the cure of your premature ejaculation problem, it is best to give Ejaculation Trainer a try. So far, it is one of the most effective products offered in the market to deal with this serious problem of men. The best thing about this product is it helps men deal with PE problem with a long-term result. A lot of products in the market offer solution to this problem but most of these do not work and some which show result is only temporary.

The product presents techniques and methods that could help you address your ejaculation problem fast. It also gives a guide on how you are going to last long in bed. The good thing with these techniques is its all natural. When you deal with this kind of problem, you don’t have to rely on creams and pills which are mostly expensive yet do not show satisfying results. The techniques on this product are tried and practiced by the author so you could expect that it will work provided that you follow everything in it carefully. You will not be wasting your time since all the pages in the Ebook provides you with comprehensive information about premature ejaculation. Common reasons for having this problem are also discussed in the product which makes it a valuable Ebook to purchase for men with PE problem.

The product will also help you to mentally deal with ejaculation issue. Keep in mind that it is not enough to be physically prepared for this problem. The things that are running in your mind could also be the reason for your quick ejaculation. When you have the capacity to control the things on your mind, there is a good chance that you last longer in bed. Aside from techniques and methods, the product also aims to equip you with the understanding about the process of ejaculation. With this, you could sustain your erection for a long time without ejaculating. The product recognizes the importance to know the time to climax and ways on how to prevent it from happening fast. Lastly, you will be presented with specific methods on how to stop premature ejaculation forever. The methods are presented with easy to follow steps which you could practice any time.

The best thing about the Ejaculation trainer is that it does not affect your sex life. All the benefits you enjoy come through natural methods that already worked for the author and for people who have tried it already. Click here for an in depth review on the Ejaculation Trainer, and also make sure to watch the video below for an inside tour to the program.

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How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the condition where male partner ejaculates before his woman partner reaches orgasm in more than fifty percent of their sexual encounters. Each man faces premature ejaculation at least once in his life and it is flawlessly normal however if this happens often and takes the joy of lovemaking then it is important to understand how to cure premature ejaculation and the reasons for this condition have to be analyzed.

There’s no magic bullet to immediately cure premature ejaculation since its reasons aren’t totally comprehended. The issue does not have to get in the way of a nutritious sex life but since there’s a spectrum of treatment method choices to talk about with your physician or sex therapist.

- One physical strategy of delaying climax entails squeezing the shaft of the penis right beforehand ejaculation. It creates a mild discomfort and keeps the event from occurring. The notion is thinking of something entirely not associated with the partner and distinctly non sexual. Some guys imagine they’re at a football game or doing mathematics issues within their heads.

- Topical lotions containing lidocaine or perhaps a comparable numbing agent might reduce sensitivity even though they’re not FDA approved for this effect. You might also try a Lube this is formulated with desensitizing ingredients intended to assist prolong the sexual expertise.

- Pills: Some oral medicines intended to take care of other terms have also been efficient with treating PE due to its sexual side effects. For instance selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors commonly used as antidepressants could also be accustomed to delay climax. SSRIs works best for males who take them each day but they do not work in case you take them instantly before sex. Also SSRIs generally have one other not designed side effect – the losing of sexual desire – therefore it is important to consider the cons and pros with a doctor.

- Kegel exercises: this is a most do step if you want to increase your sexual stamina. Watch the following video on how to do them properly (

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4 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

To last long in bed, a man has to strike a balance between arousal and stamina. If he’s too aroused, the experience will be too short. However, sacrificing the pleasure so as to last longer is not ideal either. Here are four tips on how to last longer in bed.

Think about Other Things 

This is the most classic technique to delay sexual gratification. The major reason men can’t last longer is that they usually psych out themselves so much. If you are so much in the moment or too eager, there is a risk of fast ending. A way to slow down the mind is thinking about other things. Think about the baseball squad or soccer team and go through the stats or the players. Other probable ideas include recitation of Olympics locations, UEFA Champions league winners or super bowl winners. Don’t spend the whole time thinking. Only use this approach to calm down the nerves. Other option that works well is to clear your mind completely as if you are meditating. Don’t think about sex.

Take a break to go back to foreplay

A return to oral pleasure or kissing will offer you an opportunity to rest. As well, she will thing you are especially dedicated. When you feel a little more in control, restart the action.

Change positions

When one position feels so good, try another. As well, communicate with your partner. Knowing different positions can make you know how to last longer in bed. At times the most enjoyable positions for you may not be most pleasurable for the partner. If the partner likes one position that is more tolerable. Positions like missionary, sitting inside and any other position that allows your partner to make front-to-back movement rather than up-and-down can assist to control the tempo of lovemaking. Men last longer when the tempo is more controllable.

Desensitizing Lotion

Apply a little desensitizing lotion. A number of condom companies like Trojan have condoms with desensitizing lubricants in it. You can even look for standalone product like Boy Butter or Durex Maintain. Different products give varying degrees of numbness. Test some and select that happy medium.

For more tips on how to last longer in bed, watch the following video (

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Three Simple But Highly Effective Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Premature ejaculation is a very common problem that many men are facing around the world and almost every sexually active man faced it sometime in their life. If you experience this problem once in a blue moon then you don’t have to worry about it and you can ignore that one or two time of premature ejaculation. However, if you face this problem in every intercourse then here is a list of premature ejaculation treatment that can surely help you in your problems.

Relax: Many people do not know this that stress and anxiety is one of the biggest reasons of premature ejaculation. So before trying any other premature ejaculation treatment, make sure you keep all of your worries outside your bedroom and then you start making love with your partner and with relaxed mind you will be able to do much better in bed.

Get a better life style: Indeed this is one of most difficult thing to achieve in today’s busy life, but try to push yourself and do it for your good health. In order to do this you can avoid all the junk food and try to eat healthy food with green vegetables. All the nutrients of green vegetables and other food will make you healthy and some light exercises with it can help you control your weight as well.

Wear condoms: You may not believe it but a simple condom can enhance your performance many fold and you can satisfy your partner in every possible manner. While choosing the condom try to avoid extra thin condoms and if possible find a condom that have extra lubrication for delaying the ejaculation time.

Other than this you can try different sex positions or few different medicines as well for this but none of these treatments will work if you don’t have confidence in yourself. So just follow above tips and do believe on yourself that you are a perfectly fine man and you can give all the satisfaction to your partner and it is an assurance that you will be able to last much longer compared to your earlier times.

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