4 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

To last long in bed, a man has to strike a balance between arousal and stamina. If he’s too aroused, the experience will be too short. However, sacrificing the pleasure so as to last longer is not ideal either. Here are four tips on how to last longer in bed.

Think about Other Things 

This is the most classic technique to delay sexual gratification. The major reason men can’t last longer is that they usually psych out themselves so much. If you are so much in the moment or too eager, there is a risk of fast ending. A way to slow down the mind is thinking about other things. Think about the baseball squad or soccer team and go through the stats or the players. Other probable ideas include recitation of Olympics locations, UEFA Champions league winners or super bowl winners. Don’t spend the whole time thinking. Only use this approach to calm down the nerves. Other option that works well is to clear your mind completely as if you are meditating. Don’t think about sex.

Take a break to go back to foreplay

A return to oral pleasure or kissing will offer you an opportunity to rest. As well, she will thing you are especially dedicated. When you feel a little more in control, restart the action.

Change positions

When one position feels so good, try another. As well, communicate with your partner. Knowing different positions can make you know how to last longer in bed. At times the most enjoyable positions for you may not be most pleasurable for the partner. If the partner likes one position that is more tolerable. Positions like missionary, sitting inside and any other position that allows your partner to make front-to-back movement rather than up-and-down can assist to control the tempo of lovemaking. Men last longer when the tempo is more controllable.

Desensitizing Lotion

Apply a little desensitizing lotion. A number of condom companies like Trojan have condoms with desensitizing lubricants in it. You can even look for standalone product like Boy Butter or Durex Maintain. Different products give varying degrees of numbness. Test some and select that happy medium.

For more tips on how to last longer in bed, watch the following video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjzaXwUDlYY):

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