How To Increase Seminal Fluid

Men usually wish they could produce more seminal fluid for several reasons. If there is more semen than your sperm count is increased which is a good chance for you to become a daddy. Larger volume of semen also means greater pleasure in sex both for you and your partner because more seminal fluid boosts your sex drive and gives solid erections. When you ejaculate it also means stronger contractions and mind blowing orgasms. Doctors state that a man ejaculates about one milliliter of semen and if the levels are low then there might be some underlying physical condition that limits the production of semen. This amount may cause a man to worry about his fertility and sexual ability. If this is the case with you then you should try to increase your seminal fluid by some of the natural products or you can use dietary supplements. These products should be made of high quality ingredients and doctor-approved. Here are some tips and ideas for men who want to increase their seminal fluid for more pleasure during the sexual climax or for having a baby:

>Eat meat – there are nutrients in meat that are essential for semen production. Red meat, poultry and fish contain amino acids responsible for high levels of testosterone in men. Zinc is also important for increasing seminal fluid and can be found in oysters, lamb and turkey. Oily fish that contains Omega 3 can be beneficial as well.

>Eat nuts and grains – these contain high levels of  zinc, amino acids and selenium. Add oatmeal, barley and wheat to your diet for enough zinc and your semen volume will increase.

>Eat leafy vegetables and lots of fruit – asparagus, seaweed, spinach, broccoli are only some of the vegetables recommended for you. These all contain important amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Fruits such as watermelon or pink grapefruit and citrus fruits provide folic acid, vitamin C and lycopine. Lycopine increases the semen volume.

>Drink plenty of water and do not smoke- water increases seminal fluid so you should make sure you are never dehydrated especially after workout in the gym or hours before sex. You should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Smoking decreases the seminal fluid and is harmful especially if you want to have babies.

>Take some safe herbal supplement to get the nutrients needed in case your diet is not healthy enough for producing more fluid. If you combine healthy diet with a high quality supplement and quit bad habits you can expect your semen volume to increase and your overall sexual performance to improve.

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